Create text effects with one click

1.Font style

First open GIFmaster, choose to make GIF, you will be prompted to choose a photo.

Enter the production page, select the "+" button to enter the text to be produced

Here we see that you can choose the style for the font.

If you don't like the font style given by the system, you can also choose the font you downloaded from the Internet.

tips: Fonts downloaded online should be placed in the fonts folder of the phone memory.

We have also set a recently selected text button for your convenience.

2. Special effects

Click on special effects, we can see that there are many ready-made font special effects for you to choose, one-click generation.

Of course, we can also select multiple font effects at the same time.

3.Gradient texture

We click the "Aa" button, where we can set multiple colors for the font.

The texture is based on the picture to fill the font.

If the texture we provide does not meet your wishes, you can also add pictures from your phone or select pictures directly online.



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